Local products in Flemish Brabant
Everybody knows that there are many local products in Flemish Brabant. Besides the fresh products such as chicory, grapes, apples, pears, mushrooms, asparagus ... there are also many other products represented in the region. Think for example of the many beers and wines, sweets, jams, sorts of honey, chocolate, cookies, and so on. The range of local products appears to be endless!

The success of local products is for the most part due to its authentic taste and quality. The number of people who believe in local, biological and reliable products is increasing every day. Who doesn’t like pure and fresh products?! Local products are made with craft and love, what benefits the quality.

The use of local products also provides a lot of advantages. The ecological footprint diminishes and it also gives an identity to the region. For instance the Pajottenland, the only region where Lambic beer can be brewed. The production of local products also contributes to a greater reputation of the municipality. 
This creates indirect a small-scale recreation and tourism leading to a stimulation of the local economy and local employment. These are only a few of the many advantages of the local production. That is why it is important to continue to invest in our local producers.

Being a local producer, it’s a passion! 
One creates bittersweet chocolates; the other grows grapes in a greenhouse. One brews beer with a recipe of his great- grandparents, the other starts a dairy on his sheep farm. There is so much difference in what local producers do; this mainly depends on the region where they live in.
You simply won’t find a Lambic brewer in the Hageland and a winegrower from the Hageland in the Pajottenland. But whether they are strawberry growers, winemakers, coffee roasters, bakers, chocolate confectioners, brewers, bee-keepers, butchers or chicory growers, they have one important thing in common: they are local producers and being  a local producer is not a job, it's a passion!

Buy local products in our regional shops
Thanks to a network of regional corners and shops you will find a shop in different municipalities. 
You can, of course, turn to the local producer. But what if you want to snoop between shelves with local specialities?
You find those shelves in local shops, bakeries, butcher shops, tourist offices, catering establishments, at the producers themselves and other points of sale that want to promote the local products. The corners are a first introduction to the flavours of the area. If you have acquired a taste for it, you can visit a local store. There you will find an even wider variety of products. In these local stores and regional corners you can compose your very own delicious local package. Full of specialities from Flemish Brabant, the perfect gift! Find a local corner or shop in your neighbourhood at!

Local products as a culinary discovery
When there are local products on the menu, you know that there is a chef with creativity in the kitchen. The use of local products is very diverse and extensive. Quite a few catering establishments have a close connection with Flemish Brabant. An ancient inn that starts its second life, a listed mill, a renovated property with an original interior. But you will also find local products in new, trendy businesses. And caterers love to flaunt with those products at huge parties or receptions. Because they can do something extraordinary with a local product and everyone will agree on the great quality. Enjoy your dinner!

Non-profit organization for local products of Flemish Brabant
The ‘non-profit organization for local products of Flemish Brabant’ is a coordination-, consultation- and action platform of and for local producers from Flemish Brabant, owners of regional corners and shops, catering establishments and B&B, local councils and other partners. The objective is to stimulate, professionalize and commercialize the local products. The organization makes it happen by:
•    developing and professionalizing regional corners
•    encouraging the sale of local products with project work
•    guiding and participating in (joint) promotional actions
•    supporting the logistics network through a cooperation with JAVA
•    making an inventory and updating the file with the local products of Flemish-Brabant
•    developing the non-profit organization as a reference point.

The ‘non-profit organization for local products of Flemish Brabant’ wants to represent the interests and rights of its members and wants to create opportunities. A good example is the collaboration with JAVA foodservice business. This partnership gives the producer the opportunity to expand his clientele and to focus on the production
JAVA is in charge of the distribution of the local products. This means that the gap between the local producers and the wholesalers becomes smaller. Thanks to JAVA, producers no longer have to drive around with their products. Therefore they have more time for the production of their products. 
Besides the non-profit organization promotes its members and the products with the slogan 'Straffe Streek’ or ‘Amazing region’. The concept ‘Straffe Streek’ was developed in 2008 and its main purpose is to strengthen the regional identity.
By way of supplement the concept of ‘Straffe Streek’, a label for regional products of Flemish Brabant has been created in 2012. Only when the product has a marked bond with Flemish Brabant, when the products are made on site and for at least five years, it can claim the label ‘Official regional product of Flemish Brabant.’
For more information you can always contact or by visiting the website.

The non-profit organization consists of:
•    Chairman: Paul Vleminckx
•    Vice- chairwoman: Monique Swinnen
•    Honorary chairman: Herman Vangramberen
•    Secretary: Luk Collet
•    Treasurer: Mario Vanhellemont
•    Project coordinator: Joke Gilles
•    Project expert: Daan Vanhorenbeek
•    Project assistant: Anneleen Nijs

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